Monday, January 23, 2012


Ian had a bright idea while we were all outside playing Wednesday.  Actually for the 2 days before that they had been trying but hadn't gotten brave enough or figured out the logistics of it completely.

However, with his dad out there and I'd like to think me too, Ian got brave and went through with the plan.  I'm still on the fence whether this really is a good idea.  With that said, at least they had the snow to land on...fairly soft landing.
We had a good time out in the snow...lots of snowballs thrown at daddy and many snowball fights.  I even got a sled ride from Frank!  It was so fun, I felt like a kid again!  Frank gave a ride to everyone...I love laughing like that...even if I did get tackled by Frank and got a white washing!  I do love snow days like this when we are all together and can have some fun...I do love my routine and I'm now ready for it to be back!
Let the good times roll school is back in session!

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