Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Thursday morning I woke up to some snap, crackle and popping. Frank called me early in the morning asking me what it was doing weather wise and so I went outside saying it looked fine.  That is until I got past our gate and saw this!  Our Cherry tree went and broke into pieces!  What the heck!  Anyway, the silver lining in all this is where the 2 branches broke off they fell into the driveway where my car normally sits.  Frank took my car to work that morning and I'm pretty sure right after he left that the tree broke, otherwise there would be some damage to the family car.  Thank goodness!

Where my car normally sits...and we were lucky that there wasn't damage to Frank's lucky.  Once we got in there and started moving the branches we were really lucky there wasn't a widow out or something.  Thank you Lord!

The fir tree across from us lost it's top sometime in the night or early has since lost a huge chunk from the side also.

Another tree across from us but down the road.  The whole time we were outside we kept seeing and hearing the other tree branches on this tree crash to the ground in spectacular fashion.  Not one of those cars were damaged as far as I could tell.  Lots of damage to trees but from what I could see around town, not much if any to cars and houses...amazing!

Another look at our tree that broke...crazy looking!

Neighbors Lilac trees bent all the way I was surprised to see a few branches actually bounced back...they are a hardy tree though.

My cherry tree in the back broke...I hope this one bounces back with one less branch.

The company we share the fence with, these are their trees'...they are mess with much to clean up for Frank and I.  At least we'll have a full yard waste for awhile, got that going for us!

We had been talking about chopping the tree down for a few years now, the ice and broken branches just made it happen.  That and every year Frank and I worry about that tree falling on our neighbors stuff...meaning trailer and cars.  Not something I want to deal with and they are really good neighbors to us...they put up with my kids for pete's sakes!  So Frank's brother came over and used his chainsaw and chopped it down for us...and he got most of the wood for his fireplace.  So it worked out well!  It looks SO different with out that tree right there!

All in all we were really lucky we came out with out some damage.  I thought that we might have some when I first saw it, but we don't have any except to trees.  And trees bounce back or you buy more.  Thank you Lord!

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  1. I'm sorry about your tree's. Glad nothing was damaged and your power is back on.