Thursday, January 12, 2012


We went up sking recently thanks to Frank's parents.  They have so much fun and so do their grandkids...well we do to.  However I think this year made it pretty clear that the kids out number the adults and I need to learn to ski.

I didn't get many pictures that day..hard to get some and run after kids. 

Here is Frank and Dru waiting in line to get on the chair lift.

Tell me he's not cute!

After acclimating to the weather and getting used to the boots, he thought it might be OK to try the skis.  So try them we did.  Yes we are digging the butterflies on our boots! 

Dru and Frank getting on the lift...Dru is the one they are helping on the chair.  Better get my baby on the lift people!!

Eli with Grandma, he went by himself a few times.  Not bad I thought!

Frank and Eli on the lift.  He LOVED the lift and loved going down the hill with Frank.  He was laughing the whole time.  He loved it!

It was a good time, lots of goodies provided by Grandma and Grandpa.  So thank you!

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