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OK's the character dump of was a lot of fun! My only complaint was I saw NO princesses!  I have one and only one I'm DYING to get...Sleeping Beauty!  She's being elusive...even 10 years ago she was! 

So here is Mary Poppins...if you are really good you'll tell me who the fella with her is.
 Buzz Lightyear!  Gotta love that Buzz is not looking at the camera...or maybe he's looking at my camera???
 We had brunch at Goofy's Kitchen (good food by the way) and so we met a few more characters in a more private area, on top of that...there was hardly anyone there.  I highly recommend doing a character really is the way to go!

Here is Pluto and Aladdin...I would like to know where Jasmine is though.
 Frank and Pluto.  Pluto was cracking us all up...he came and sniffed Frank's plate of food at one time...silly! The boys were rolling!
 Dale...of the infamous duo Chip n' Dale.  These fellas were much sought after by the boys.  Dale wouldn't quit bobbing his head around..silly Dale!
 Downtown Disney had a small Lego store in which there was a Darth Vader made of Legos...Here is Dru and Lego Woody.  We got pretty close to the real one but he only had 5 minutes left and the line was too long, so we didn't get to have him sign our books!  BUMMED!
 Donald Duck!!!! Every day for 4 days...what about Donald Duck?  When will see him?  Finally on the 4th day Donald graced us!  What's hysterical is that the boys are wearing their Mickey ears...notice Donald is pushing Dru's 'ears' was hysterical!  Donald shook his head and covered them up!
 This was in California Adventure...Mr. Incredible and Mr. Frozone with Eli and I.   The others were on the Twilight Tower or Terror...their favorite ride...EVER!
 Pluto and I...he was such a good boy!
  Just Look for the Bare Neccesites (spelling?) in Life! Baloo and us
 Raffiki and the gang.  Sadly the boys had no idea who he was...that will be fixed by the end of the week! Unbelievable!
 Princess Pocahontas and Princess Anita!!!!!!!! Royalty!  as you can tell my young warriors could have cared less...sigh
 The other half to Dale...Chip.  Eli could have done with out being that close.
Well those are the best of the best pictures.  It was so much fun meeting the characters and getting our autograph books signed.  Yes I had a book also, I forgot the one I got 10 years ago...can you believe that?  Yeah Frank could too when he bought me my second book!

More to come...


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