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On Our Way

Well...I'm finally back!  We resume our regular lives tomorrow!  Disneyland was a lot of fun but SO exhausting!  I have needed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to recover from that trip.  I always have one day where I feel like I'm hung I always expect the next day of a trip to not feel so good and for the kids to go crazy.  For some reason we all needed 3 days...sigh...

Anyway, here is a shot of the boys before we left on Sunday the 13th...we all were up early, like 4ish. You'll notice Lee...that will just give you a preview of how he was the whole trip...there's more to that story for sure!

We are all on the shuttle bus going to the airport...everyone just looked thrilled! OK, well Frank does ('ll notice Lee again).

We are at the airport waiting on our flight.  We've eaten a breakfast of champions (or gut rot, however you'd like to read that) and we walked to our gate.  Don't ask how many times we were asked is it time yet...I lost count.  The funny thing was there was a girl from Ian's class taking the same flight we were and they were going to Disneyland...kinda cracked me (they ended up on the same flight home to).
 This is what Frank looks like at this hour...most of the time I don't see him at 6 or was kinda nice. 
 We had that kid that runs around the airport and his mother 'silently' hollers after him to come here...and he never does and his mother just let him run around like a wild child...some mother!

Although he's been on an airplane before he still had no idea what to expect...having to put a seat belt on him was the worst and he ate a million lifesaver while we were waiting for take off.  Then thankfully he crashed for most of the flight, then he ate about a million more lifesavers while we were landing.  There is something to be said about taking the car seat for kids this little!
Everyone did pretty good getting to Disneyland and we were all glad when the flight was over and we got to the hotel (that took longer than it should have but we made it!).  We met some people that were from Seattle and they were on their way to Disneyland also...I want to know who wasn't going to Disneyland...probably a much smaller number than who was going!  Anyway, we got there and everything thus far was uneventful!


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