Saturday, February 5, 2011


This year I made a New Year's Resolution.  I resolved that I was going to read at least 1 book a month or at least 12 for the year to equal that.  So far I'm on track.  This is going to be rough but hopefully with my Nook it will be a tad easier.

So to start off my year with The Count of Monte Cristo...on my Nook it was a 3,000+ page paper...apparently it's not really that long.  How sad!  I just looked it up, it said it was a 1,000+ page book.  So there ya have it...still quite a read.  The book was great and the movie was just as good (I thought). 

The second book I read was The Lost Symbol.  I have read two other books by this author and have loved them all and the movies.  Why not read this one?  This one was good but I will have to go back and read it cause I'm almost sure I have missed things and some things I just didn't understand.  Other than that it was a good read.
Next on my list is called Heat Wave...I believe.  It's a Richard Castle book...just like from the TV show.  I had no idea there were books out there!  I LOVE reading and I miss it terribly!  I can't wait to reach my goal and maybe even exceed it!


  1. I got a Nook for Christmas and haven't even looked at it.. spose I should? when my daughter and son and law started showing me all it would do I just sort of zoned out. I just want to read!

  2. Watership Down is an excellent classic if you haven't read it. I really enjoyed it as an adult. Old enough maybe free ebooks are around for it.

  3. Auntie I like my Nook...and I like to it all works well together...John...thanks for the suggestion...I'm always looking for books to read!

  4. I have a hard time putting books down once I start, thats why I usually read at bedtime. :) If you can read you can go ANYWHERE!