Monday, February 7, 2011


So today I cashed in on a birthday present to myself.  My lovely sister in law kindly agreed to do my hair!  She's a keeper!  I really like it, Frank however, well he will get used to it.  He prefers long hair (why do most guys prefer long hair?).

 I had Frank take a picture of the top of my head to show the highlights she did.  I'm about tickled pink with the Carmel or blonde color she put in there.  I really like it (next time, in a few years, I might have more put in there...I say a few years because that's how long it takes me to find a style I like). 
I went short because I'm tired of the long hair, but also because I want to be able to use my straightener and hot curlers.  With long hair it's just so annoying for an amature like me to deal with...there's just SO much hair!  Don't get me wrong, I like my hair but the length and thickness is daunting for someone who didn't do anything with her hair until I turned 30...then I got brave.  I have loved it ever since.  Now I get to learn how to curl with my could get interesting around here!

My next gift to myself (did I mention I love birthday money!!!) is getting an hour massage by my other sister in law.  I'm going to get a massage before we leave for Disneyland (although as I am writing this I think I did that backwards...I should have saved it for after Disneyland....oh well).  So I can't wait for the massage.  I had such a hard time spending all my birthday money (as a matter of fact I still have to spend...why do I have this problem???), but I think it's well spent and another thank you to those of you who enabled me to do these things for myself!  Otherwise I'm not sure I'd ever do these things for's a nice feeling.


  1. Absolutely perfect! I am debating getting blond/carmel highlights or keep the deep red/plum ones I have. Us ladies have tough decisions to make!