Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sacked Out

This was while we were in Disneyland...the sofa bed.  They are laying the wrong way...cracked us up.  On top of sleeping that close to each other and arm in arm so to speak.  Goofy kids!
 Lee bought a Eeyore pillow fitting for that child.  He really was born with the personality of Eeyore...that day was a rough day.  Not sure if it was our last full day at Disneyland but it was rough for us and for him.  He literally opened his pillow pet up and laid down and was out!
 This was not at Disneyland but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share with you.  This was a few days ago and I didn't get to him fast enough.  Actually it was kind of funny, we were all eating lunch and I jumped up cause it was really, really quite all of the sudden.   Sure enough this is what I saw...ran to the kid saying wake up! Don't fall asleep!!!  He was not happy with me and let me know it.  Don't worry though, I did clean him up and then snuggled him back to sleep, I just wanted him to sleep in his bed and get a good nap.  Not a nap in the high chair where the bigger kids will just be loud and obnoxious, although they are like that all the time.
Anyway, these pictures were worth sharing I thought.  Take care and I hope that everyone is having a good weekend.  I am especially ready for school to start and get my routine back!!!!  For 2 weeks we have been with out a's getting to me.

On another note, please say a prayer for my little brother and his wife.  My sister in law just lost her mom unexpectedly early this morning.  I pray for peace and comfort for them and for the Lord to wrap his arms around them and hold them tight, for them to feel his presence there with them.  David and Nina...I am again so sorry for your loss!  I remember how close it came with my mom...and that was close enough for me and something I won't soon forget!


  1. That is a hilarious picture of him in the highchair. ha!

  2. John...I think my boys just might have a little Jolly in them don't you think???