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Spring has Californa

So it seemed when we got there to California that Spring had come, but only to this state.  Washington was like 2 months behind.  It was so comfortable weather wise there and they had wonderful flowers to look at.  When I was there 10 years ago for our honeymoon I don't think they had flowers out, of course that was in November. 

Pretty purple and yellow tulips with daffodils mixed in!  Can't wait for the Tulip fields to open up in a few months!
 These flowers always make me think of Alice in Wonderland, where she's in the field of flowers and they are all singing.  You remember?
 Love me some purple!  I think these might be Poppies?
 I just liked these and it was something to take a picture of while I was in line with the boys to go on the Matterhorn.
 I don't know what these are but they were unusual, although I know I've seen them before.
 A little blurry I know but I liked the color of this filler type plant they put in planters.
 I liked the blue on these ones...I just wished I could have kept the shadow out of the must have been where I was sitting...I took this picture several times and with the same result.  Such a vibrant blue!
 OK, now these were all over the place...we saw them driving from the airport in the medians and up the hills.  These were by far the coolest flowers I've seen.  I almost want to call them Birds of Paradise...but we all know I'm just guessing here! 
 They really do look like birds though I think...these were in Downtown Disney...pretty neat!
 Some more Purpleness!
 With February being dreary at times...OK...most of the time.  I really felt like I got a good dose or shot of color back into my world.  Love the color!
 I have a spot for grandfather had them all over his garden and I have some in my yard.  They have the most wonderful and fragrant perfume!  Makes me homesick for Whibey Island and my grandparents home.
Well I just thought I'd share that jolt of color with you guys...I know spring is just around the corner.  I can feel it in my bones (and if you talk to Ian, Spring starts the minute it turns the 20th...that's the day of his birthday).  We gotta have our last go around with Mother Nature and Father Winter...but Spring is coming!  There is hope, renewal, birth, life...I LOVE Spring!


  1. VERY pretty flowers! Just what we needed to see.

  2. Thanks for bringing color into my day! We were just in California too and I was so excited to see the pink cherry blossom trees in bloom! We came home to snow on the ground, that was sure strange. :)


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