Thursday, February 10, 2011


100th DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
Lee brought this home from school today, the teacher I'm assuming handed these out to the kids. 

Lee: " Mom I want to spend this"
Me: "Uhhh..Lee that's not really money"
Lee: "Yes it is mom"
Me: "No it isn't Lee"
Lee: "How do you know mom?" (I'm just mom remember)
Me: "I've seen a few real one hundred dollar bills Lee."
Lee: "You have!?!"
Me: "Yes"
Lee: "Are you sure this isn't real?"
Me: "Yes Lee, I'm sure that is not real money."
Lee: "Oh...(think of a crushed child who thought he'd hit the jackpot and you'd have the correct picture of Lee).
Ian: "Haha I told you so Lee!  HAHAHAHA!"

I felt bad for all of a half a second...gotta love the 100th day of school...


  1. I'm SURE the teacher told them it wasn't real, he just chose not to hear that part :)

  2. Who knows Auntie...there are times I'd pay good money to be a fly on the wall in that classroom!