Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old and Tiny

Well the time has come unfortunately for Eli to have his big boy bed. Sadly he was getting in the crib and out of the crib by himself. So down it came. Eli wasn't sure about the whole thing, he kept coming in and out of the room looking around and taking it all in. I did ask him where his bed was and it took him awhile to find it. He finally found it.
The skeleton of his new bed. Dru kept cracking me up cause he was trying to sell this bed to Eli by telling Eli that it was his old and teeny ,tiny bed. He's right of course. This bed was Dru's bed first but then someone graciously gave us a twin captain's bed which is huge for a 3 year old or a 4 year old for that matter. But how do you say no thanks to a free bed frame and mattress?? You don't!
Here's Eli's new bed with new sheets! We've had these sheets since 2008, we are now finally able to use them!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle figure out which one is which. So far Eli does alright in it, he isn't sleeping for hours in it but I think that's mostly because of Charlie. He sleeps right next to Eli. He's noisy and nauseating (which is why he's not in my room anymore!). Dru was so excited for Eli to get a new bed...even if it was his old, teeny, tiny one.

It was really hard to see the crib go down and the toddler bed to go up. It's still really hard to put him in the bed. Pretty soon there won't be anything left! This is too hard!


  1. Yay for big kid beds! It took Maddy a couple of days and now she asks to go to bed. So cute. I'm sure he'll do great, sounds like it is harder on you!

  2. It is harder on wasn't hard when the other boys did it, but darn it he's the last...this is tough!