Friday, February 4, 2011


Sooo....nice picture right? HA!  It's been a rough at least 2 days with Ian and that's not including today.  So tonight I/we informed Ian that he needed to go to bed at normal time and there would be no DS in the morning. We told him he has to go to school tomorrow...seriously he has to go! 
Here's his lovely face when he figured out we were far from joking and quite serious.  I actually forgot all about it until Frank mentioned it.  He's really not happy to be going to school on a Saturday and taking different test for 3+ hours.  I was a BAD mother and laughed (it's been rough like I said). 

Any guesses how my morning is going to go?  And so we are all aware, I really had my head and heart set on sleeping in!!!  This has so backfired on me!

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