Thursday, September 30, 2010

Too Quiet

I was going to use this as my picture for my Oct. 1st photo challenge...waiting. But since it's technically still September for a few more hours, I won't. But here's what I could have said for it: "Waiting for mom to notice I'm still here. Waiting for mom to put me to bed, awww heck I'm done waiting I'll put myself to bed." I crack me up!

So I'm a bad mom. 9:30 at night and all the sudden I realize it's been quiet...TOO QUIET! Yeah...I was into chit chatting and doing whatever and didn't realize Eli was still up. Well sort of. Here's where he fell asleep...don't worry I did pick him up and change his diaper and put him to bed. He's there now...but be QUIET! I'd like him to stay there for another hour or two...shoot the whole night would be something to call home about!
OK, just had to share!
Nighty Night!


So the last couple of days we've had a lot of dew, muggy weather and just all around sticky feeling. The other day I noticed all the spider webs around the house were covered in dew. For as much as I don't like spiders and their webs, I do find them 'pretty' (I use that word loosely) when they are covered in dew.

This big web is in front of my bedroom window...but as long as it's outside and that type of spider isn't bothering and let live! Until of course they are in my house and then it's Game on! Well, only if I don't think they'll make a loud noise after being flattened...even I have my limits people! Just can't get over some of the big drops on this web and that it's still holding up! Not to mention I'm sure I walked into 90million of these when I mowed the lawn the other day! I was not impressed. I decided that along with the kids going on poop patrol before the lawn is mowed, that they now have an added job of going around and ridding the bushes, tress, fences, whatever else of these nuisances.I really can't believe how much water these things can with stand...kind of amazing. Instances like this there is beauty...sort of.
Well I hope everyone is having a good week, so far so good here. Tonight is busy with 3 soccer practices and a Curriculum Night. The jury is still out on that I really want to deal with Ian if we say no. You would think the world might end if we don't go. Their school puts on a thing for kids to go to, like a magic show.
Starting tomorrow I'll be doing an October Photo Challenge for every day in October. I'm excited and can't wait to see what word challenges there are. Keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wigging Out!!!

What the heck is with all these creepy crawly bugs that seem to be procreating more than they should be???

This THING in my garage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And mind you it has walked away...yukking it up in MY garage somewhere!!!! I am no longer safe in my own home!!!
I went out there for cereal and didn't see him/her...IT, whatever, when I went out there! I could have been jumped on by that thing!!! Lunged at I tell you!!!! Either way, I decided after perusing the selection of cereal I would just make oatmeal. So I turned around and THAT is what I saw!
I know you people are out spider lovers!!! You certainly don't run in any circles I am in...but tell me. Tell me what kind of spider this is...cause right now my mind is running rampant to Wolf Spider...Brown Recluse...NASTY kinds of spiders!!!
Sigh....Of all the places and all the joints....
My skin now crawls...I know twitch...I have issues. I need a can of hair spray and a lighter...essential items! And now that I have sufficiently searched the web we now add one more type of spider...Hobo Spider...of course no one can agree on whether this is as deadly if not worse than the Brown Recluse or not...different opinions on this. Which says to me just kill ALL of them!!! And just so you know, they all look the same to me...I think they are inter breading!
And apparently if you want to identify a spider I needed to look it in the eye and count how many eyes it has...YEAH RIGHT! Sickos!
I could go on and on about this but I'll stop tormenting myself and you guys...I have to go to bed...I've been avoiding room is right next to the see my problem?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rainbow Shooting Stars

Friday was the first big game for the green team! They finally decided on a team name a few days before. Are you ready for it??? They settled on Rainbow Shooting Stars!!! Now I want you to imagine as a parent rooting for the team and yelling: "Go Rainbow Shooting Stars!!!" I personally can't quit giggling, it's hysterical! Dru and team went with this name because Dru and his buddy Caden were really pulling for Orange Team. Caden was backing his Wing Man up. But the girls had a different color in mind...they wanted purple, or pink or something. Something other than Orange (much to Dru's horror!!). Someone also wanted shooting stars in there. So to make it even they went with Rainbow Shooting Stars, which covers everyone's needs/wants. All 4 year olds on the team are happy and that's what counts right? RIGHT!

Coach is giving the kids the run down of some rules and we pass to green only and we shoot for that goal on this side. And to remember to have fun! Kids were pumped! Sorta...Coach lining the kids up...I really think she should have switched 3 and 2 just for giggles. Thankfully, here Dru is not the shortest, he's got another buddy that's his height!Rainbow shooting stars got up to the line...they are playing the Red Team. The whistle vs. red...and away they go. Well sorta. I think Dru wasn't quite sure what this was all about, thankfully the next time around he figured it out and was all about having some fun and getting that soccer ball!Here's my guy! You just can't beat the fact that he pretty much just turned 4 and managed to get a jersey #4! I mean what are the odds? It's gonna be a special year!Look at him in action!!! Way to go team!Dru and his wing man Caden...working together to get it done! I didn't get a shot of it but Dru did shoot one goal during the game. He was so funny because he got the goal in and he did a very small fist pump when it went in. It was so cute! Darn that kid! He's lucky he's cute, poor kid has been hearing that for 4 years.
I just thought this was so stinking cute! Dru and his buddy Caden were out and they went straight to each other and held each others hands...I see year book or newspaper add in their futures!Good game Red team! Good game Rainbow Shooting Stars! And let me tell you, coach gave out some awesome after the game snack! I'm not sure if any of us will be able to top what she brought! A big bag of M&M's (not your regular .88 bag but the ones that cost over $1) and something colored to drink and wouldn't you know it...Dru got an orange beverage! The stars aligned that day!

I have never had so much fun watching a sport as I did watching a bunch of 4 year olds play! They are all so cute and some have such determination and most just had so much fun and joy in their faces! I can't wait to watch him play again!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can It Be? Is It Possible?

I quit counting the times I've asked, yelled and whatever else I've done to get my boys, Ian and Lee to clean their room. I'm tired of being blue in the face and yet most of the time I am. Most of the time I'm looked at like I've grown a second head also when I ask them to do something, anything really. I have no idea if this is typical of children, I do have my suspiscions though. I really think it's all a conspiracy

Well on Friday for some reason the big boys decided to work together and get it done. This was not done with out much screaming, punching, wrestling, crying, and name calling between Ian and Lee. I don't get it but whatever they got it done.

So Frank took a picture for posterities sakes he took photo documentation. Here is the entrance into their room! We can actually get IN the room! The closet...a bone of contention with me. I have a child who shall remain unnamed who likes to shove things under the the dresser and the little corner behind the clothes hanging up. He thinks I won't look there or notice. He's not yet learned. But look how well they did! Two thumbs up fellas!
Why are you taking a picture dad? He doesn't get the humor...just you wait Ian! Just you wait! If you'll notice the desk is cleaned also!
Look! Someone actually vaccummed the floor! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Just so everyone knows it didn't last but more than a few hours, it's now a pig stye again. SIGH!!! Back to being blue in the face and the fighting, must be my regularly scheduled program.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dru's Turn!!!

I'm not exactly sure when it happened but it has. Somewhere along the line he got big on me, big enough to attend preschool! What in the world right? I do have to admit if he didn't go to school and soon this kid was going to find him self plastered to the wall! He is SO bored!!! And he's constantly hungry...or he so he says...every five minutes! Just so you all know I do feed my children, just wanna be clear on that. They act like I don't but I do. He hasn't figured out that because he's bored he thinks he's hungry.

Last week was his turn, finally! Finally after 3 years it was his turn to go to school! What a day! How can it be that it's already time for that? Sigh....
Here is Dru on our way to school. This boy means business! No if's, and's, or but's about it. He's got his Batman backpack and hurry up mom!
We sign in and then we wash our can you not have fun when you can actually reach the soap dispenser all by yourself!?!
SO big! Oh Dru you are so big!
Dropping him off wasn't so hard but going home after the drop off was a bit hard. No tears mind you but it sure felt weird. I grabbed Eli and snuggled with him and then counted how long I had with Eli before I put him in school. After doing the math, much to my relief I have at least 4 years left with Eli. Which is good on the off chance we decide Dru is up to the challenge of Kindergarten...and with that said I don't want to talk about that either! I'm putting my head in the sand on that one! And that's just where I'll leave this doesn't get any easier sending your kids off from the first and I imagine to the last. It might just get harder!

Monday, September 20, 2010


A day in the life of a 23 month old. It's Wednesday...and on our block that means garbage day! Life can't get better than that! Well it can but why when the garbage truck brings kids such joy and happiness!?!

Here Eli hears the truck, he'd been hearing it for a few minutes now and it was finally coming down our street! Such excitement! Captivated by the recycle truck! Sssshhhh don't bother Eli!

Is there anything more wonderful than watching a child be so enraptured with the little things that happen in our lives? Flowers, birds, name it they are engrossed in it. One of my favorite attributes of children and one the things I miss the most when they get older and are like that so much...they grow up just a little too fast in my opinion!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I know you all thought I had a little boy, buuutttt as luck would have it I had a little girl! Shocking to find out 2 years later I know...what can I say. I get confused so easily these days. Sigh...
Here is Ema...a.k.a Eli. He was being funny and putting balls in his shirt...I just helped do a bit of adjusting. Here he does his own adjusting...we must...we must...we must increase our bust! I know you guys know what show that's from!
They are a little crooked but honestly whose aren't?

Had a good weekend and I have SO much more to blog about...BUSY is the adjective I am choose to describe my week!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deep Lake

Well I was going to take more time in doing this post but Eli has other ideas. So I will make this quick as he's yelling at me from his bed because I put him IN his bed. He's now trying to get Dru's attention and wake him up to see if he'll help him out. It's not working out in his favor. I had a feeling this would happen with a nearly 4 hour nap today.

So today we went on our last park playdate and we went to Deep Lake. I like this park because it's got a trail to walk around the lake, it's a 1.4 mile walk.

So first we played at the park. Eli loves slides and he's got no fear...scary at times! Dru and Eli...these guys crack me up. They virtually have the same look on their face and are looking in the same direction. I don't know how professional photographers have the patience to take pictures of kids...
I love this one...big brother Dru helping out his little brother. Just was cute and touched my little heart!
The boys with their sticks and walking the trail. We are about half way around here...I think. We had fun and the kids were tired, shoot I was tired! I took half an hour nap and Eli took a long nap as I said before.

OK well I can't stand it anymore Eli's still yelling for me and for Dru to wake up to help him. I must go, the last thing I need is two of them up harassing me.
So good night one and all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Check Out Those Apples!

SO...this is what I have been up to Friday and Sunday...APPLES! It didn't matter how many I cored they kept multiplying! These were all the apples I worked was a lot. Apples getting clean in my sink. My cute (huge understatement there) helper.
My reward for backbreaking work! that's not all of it mind you...just the first batch from my stack of apples. I made a big batch of regular applesauce and then a huge batch of cinnamon applesauce. We will be sitting pretty this winter. For the first time making anything for canning I managed to burn a really BIG batch of applesauce...oh it was foul tasting! So I had to toss that batch out...what a waste!! I am so upset! All those apples gone!
Silly as it sounds and as tired as I am...I need more apples. I need to make/freeze pie filling. Also I need someone to clean my house and fold my laundry. Everything has been put on hold since I started on Friday and today I am making Zucchini Bread (with chocolate chips in it) and Apple bread. Let me tell you that Apple bread is to die for!!! YUM!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soccer Jamboree

Alrighty folks...on a ride with me you go! Today was the soccer jamboree for Ian and Lee...we had 4 games to go to...whew! Thankfully after three of the games were played we went home for a breather before Ian's last game! I took a small nap...could have been longer

And away we go! I also need to tell you these pictures are in no particular order, other than the order they were uploaded in. I'm too lazy/tired to go through and make them in the right's too much tonight.

Here is Dru and his buddy and his grandma. It cracked me up later on when I looked and Dru was all cuddled up with his friends grandma while his buddy was playing with his Uncle. I had to laugh...the third born was snuggling and getting some he couldn't get it anywhere else. Of course this woman is also his teacher at he knows just struck me as funny. Here is Ian in a team huddle with his coaches...yes you see right, that's Frank there helping out. He's the Assistant Coach and Ian is over the moon about that. I did ask him today if after two games if he was still pretty excited that his dad was helping and he emphatically said yes. I'm still giving it some time, he might change his mind, although is daddy is trying hard to not pick on him. We always have more expectations of our own kids that they should just know. That's where I'm always coming from.

Lee was bored out of his skull!!! He was irritating me to no end! Ian had spent time watching and rooting for his brother and he couldn't be bothered to root his big brother on!!! Arrggg!!! This kid drives me nuts sometimes...anyway...if this was keeping him quiet I just went with it.

Here are the Firecrackers practicing before the game.
First game Ian got to be Goalie...he was pumped! The clothes were a bit big but we were trying it out. It was quite the get up and the gloves were huge on him...poor kid!

He did such a good throw in! One of the few action shots I got of Ian. He spent a good portion of his play time twiddling his thumbs or looking around. Not so much goofing off, just off in La-la land. We have to work on that...he just so busy looking around seeing what everyone else on the side line is he's missing out on something...

Here's another good shot of Ian...he was looking at me cause I was rooting him on and he thought I was yelling at him. I felt bad he thought that...whoops! Note to self...don't yell so loud.

Some of Ian's was such a good idea that someone had to provide buckets for them to sit on. They had a designated spot to place their many times they go off and play while they are waiting to go back in and have no idea what is going on or that their coach is hollering for them! Love this idea!

Now we are on to Lee's games, GO REDFIRE!...drum roll please!
So much excitement today!! First game of the day and Lee was designated by Coach to be team Captain!!! Yippeee!! What joy! I had to ask why this was important...for coin tosses and such...that was in case you guys didn't know either. Lee was the away team, I love that their jerseys are reversible...for away and home games. Someone was thinking on that one.
Team huddle...Lee is #39. He's got a great coach and a great team. He knows several of them which we lucked out on. At least 2 of the kids are in his same class at school. Couldn't have asked for better I think.
The ready stance...Lee is ready to go!
When asked if he liked T-ball or soccer better he said soccer. Wanna guess why? Because he could might be his thing. He does love to run and he did a lot of it during T-ball when he needed to stay in his spot. Sooo with soccer this gives him a bit of room to run. He sure enjoyed himself today playing 2 games. He even scored one goal today in the first game! He just needs to work on not sliding. He keeps sliding and he's driving his parents and coaches crazy with it. Last practice he ran 4 laps because he kept doing it. It needs to click with him and he's gonna hurt someone if he doesn't stop. And that makes me nervous!!
All in all we had a good day. It was long but since it's only one day we'll be OK. People came and watched the boys and there were a lot of people out there that I knew so that was nice also. The longer I stay here and the more involved I get the more people I get to know. I also spend a lot of my time looking at people trying to figure out just where I know them from. For the most part I don't remember and sometimes I get up the nerve to ask...that's always a fun conversation ;)
I know these aren't easy to see because I wanted to post so many pictures but I wanted lots of pictures on this post, lots to cover in one day. Here is the group that came watched the boys today...these are the die hards! Thanks guys!
Some other things to say...
GO HUSKIES! When you win you win big! Must be my lucky purple shirt!! ;)
Second...I have not forgotten today was Patriot Day a.k.a the anniversary of 9/11. I had a discussion with Lee about this and it was surreal talking to him about this. I can't believe it has been 9 years since that day. I remember where I was and everything I felt while watching it unfold on my television. It has been forever seared upon my brain. I still get teary-eyed and goosebumps when I watch t.v. specials on it. We can't forget and we haven't. Peace be with the families.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Value of Comparison

I wish I could get these to go side by side but I can't so you'll just have to bear with me. Yesterday I was walking around the house doing what I do and saw this. I've seen this some where before...

OH! That's right!!! Back in November...4 days after Eli was born we had this. I can't believe this much time has passed! I want this all back (even if right now I want Eli to sleep in his own bed).
Those two babies have changed so much in almost 2 years...bigger and more handsome. Where has the time gone? I know I'm suppose to want them to grow and get bigger but I don't. I will be kicking and dragging my feet the whole time!!!

Sigh...just wanted to share. I thought it was so cute...up until it really showed me the change...