Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yes I'm deprived of many things but as I was making these last night I realized something...this is the first time (well last night anyway) that my kids have EVER had homemade blueberry pancakes! Can you believe that!?! Then it dawned on me and I started laughing cause I remembered something else. Last year Frank and I took the kids to FT. Ebey to camp as a family and we stopped somewhere to eat. I believe it was Dairy Queen and as a treat we bought the boys an ice cream cone. Those kids were so silly, we kept telling them they could eat the cone and they kept looking at us like we were from Mars. Finally I had to show them, that YES you could eat the cone, it's eatable! I finally realized as we were driving away why my kids were acting that way...they had never had an ice cream cone! How could Ian go 7 years of his life and NOT had an ice cream cone? That doesn't even seem fathomable does it? Seriously! Now I'm trying to figure out what else my kids have been deprived far I can only come up with those two things.

Tomorrow Ian and Lee both have field trips and both are excited. Personally I think Lee's is going to be more fun than Ian's but that's me. Ian gets to go to the Children's Theater and see a play (obviously). I think it's Good Night Moon...don't quote me on that though. And Lee gets to see the Reptile Guy! Honestly I think I'm more excited than Lee at this point. But to be fair he was fairly little the last time he saw him...he was I guess it was awhile ago. This guy brings all kinds of animals...snakes, croc's (not the shoes folks! Silly people!), spiders, scorpions, African Bullfrog (my fave).

This is the African Toad/Bullfrog ( I don't remember which).

This is Beardsly the how I'm so technical? I'm good that way!I love this 'smile'This is Benny the Python...he was very long!Doesn't that look like so much fun? Okie Dokie I'll make this post short...well shorter than the rest. How's that? Take care!
By the way, no one told me what they had for dinner the other day...I'm looking for dinner ideas we are in a rut and I have to go shopping again this week. Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Note to self...

I don't like how the writing goes around the Cherry Tree in the previous post...note to self...don't do that again. Sorry about that people!

Accomplishments and other musings

These are the boys last April Ian, Lee, and Dru...April 26Th to be precise. They have changed so much in the last year I can't hardly believe it. I don't notice it sometimes when I see them every day but I sure do notice it when I find pictures from a year ago. I hate it when they get bigger!

My Cherry Tree in the front yard last year...looks the same this year too! I do love it though!
Let's see....
Today I got a shower in...YES!!! I have even got some laundry done's not folded yet, let's not get ahead of ourselves here people. I'm still waiting for the washer and dryer that fold AND put away, like Auntie Sharon suggested I wait for. :) Thanks Auntie! This weekend I also was able to torture Frank AGAIN with another fabulous movie...Mamma Mia! Got some ABBA fix that way. Frank isn't sure why I like the movie but if I have to tell him then...well...he doesn't get it. Of course he one of THOSE people that doesn't like ABBA! I know! Almost sacrilegious!

Why is Lee the only one of the kids who can make babies roll and by that I mean laughing? He's the only one. Frank and I could stand on our heads trying to make our babies laugh and laugh and Lee walks into the stinkin' room and the baby just rolls!?! I don't get it. But he did this with Dru and now with Eli, I don't get it. OH well, it is fun to watch...sorta. Ever try to not to cringe while a 5 year old holds/stands up the baby or 'helps' the baby sit? It's hard and I try very hard to just leave them alone...they need sibling time right? But on the other end of that, Lee is the MOST obnoxious one when it comes to kids...he's like millimeters away from their face, he's practically sitting in your lap when you are holding the baby...he's just annoying sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if he's the one that will choose to have kids (well like the others won't...that sentence didn't make sense did it?) What I mean is, will he be the one that does well with kids or have kids first or have many children? He really does well with babies...well at least with my kids anyway. Like right now he's showing Eli what a one dollar bill Eli really cares. He just wants to know if it's something he can chew on...(like this running commentary?)

Potty training is not on the list of things I'd think I'd be doing when I had's almost like people forget that part of parenting...I know I never did until it was time for Ian. And here's a question: (I could just be gross) but when helping kids with the 'cue' of going to the bathroom and they get the cue...why do we need to stay in there? And has anyone ever looked at their kids face while they have a bowel movement on the toilet? Honestly!?! How do you not laugh and why can't you look away? It's like a train wreck and you just can't tear your eyes's so gross. Things I didn't know I signed up for when I became a parent. Why do their rooms bother me when they are messy? I don't get that one. Dru is doing really well with potty training...of course candy is always a good motivator...but he really is starting to get the hang of it. It always blows my mind when all the sudden it just CLICKS for them. I always try and figure out just what it was and I can never figure it just does and they and we go with it. We had stopped for awhile and then Dru kept taking his diaper off in the back yard so we just quit with the diaper one day, after I got fed up with the back yard business, and so far we haven't looked back. It just boggles my mind how it clicks for them.
And just so you know, Eli just 'murped' on Lee and Lee said whoa..a hot murp!! As opposed to a cold one Lee? *shaking head*

My cousin is doing okay as far as I know. The updates I have are that they possibly might keep her in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. She is 6 months along. She had an ultrasound today, no word yet on what that revealed. I can't remember what I've said about what's going on. She apparently still has the bad cough that gave them the scare before and they believe the cough is now the contributing factor to the issue going on now...the thinning cervix. As of my update from my mother yesterday, her cervix is thickening again and her cough is easing up again. So those are good things!!

Side notes...I'd like a nap and what's for dinner tonight? I bought the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still...LOVE Keanu Reeves!! Love the movies Speed, Chain Reaction...can't forget the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! I need to watch that movie!

There is something in the works for a family trip this June...more on that when more has been finalized. Suffice it to say Frank and I are VERY excited and the boys are quite clueless! And I now need to lose some serious weight (it's a wedding we might go to)...uuggghhh! I have a month and a half if this happens...ugghhh again!

Okay, well I should go. Something or another about folding some laundry and putting it away and all that horrible business! I really do despise laundry...especially doing Ian and Lee's. I am constantly rewashing clean laundry of theirs. And I don't realize it's clean until it's already in the washer very wet...I often threaten them about going naked but I might want to actually follow through with that one of these days. That will show them!

Take care and have a good day/evening.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tom Petty

So, I got the laundry ALL folded! And would you believe that I am still doing laundry! I don't think I was fully prepared for the amount of laundry I will be facing for the next few years! Secretly I can't wait until my washer and dryer bite the dust (again...and that's another long story). Anyway, when they do I'm going to buy my dream washer and dryer set...hopefully. It's those front loaders and they steam dry and kill's multi purpose! Just like me!

Yesterday Frank ended up not having to go into work and had to go into work today. His boss had some 24 hour cootie! ICK! Anyway, so we went to G.I. Joe's to see if we could find a big tent like we want. They were having 20-40% of everything in the store. A half way decent sale...but no tents for us. We want a BIG tent to fit all of us and all our crap! And if you go camping you know there is just a lot of stuff that just comes with you. Eventually the big boys will be big enough to go in their own tent and that will help. So we got done shopping and while we were waiting to check out Dru has a mini meltdown so I take the boys and leave the store while Frank pays for things. Since we were going out to check the sale out we decided to go to Olive Garden as a family. This was a first for the boys to go to a bit of a nicer our world anyway. I was a little reserved about it but was willing to give it a try...and the boys did great! Just a few little hiccups but other than that, they did good. Dru even did great with the going potty and stuff. The food was YUMMY by the way. Don't hate me Nikki! I still have plans of us going...someday :)

So as we are pulling out of the Olive Garden Frank tells me about a little 'incident' (for lack of a better word coming to mind) that happened to him while he was paying for our things at G.I. Joe's. When we left they opened up another line and Frank went there to pay for our things. The check out lady asked Frank if someone on his shirt was from the band Poison and he said no. He told her his shirt was from a Tom Petty concert that he went to, ( I took him to a concert for his birthday last August). Well this lady got all atwitter about Tom Petty and how much she loved his music and him and...and..and...well she asked Frank what he was doing later and he said huh? And she told him, well she had some grass and Bud Light and did he want to go back to her place and have a good time with her and Tom Petty? I have to admit the 'claws' came out a wee bit...thankfully I wasn't there when that happened. Frank just looked at her and said well can my wife come? That shut her up pretty quick. Can you believe that??? I can't count how many times women constantly are hitting on Frank. They do it ALL the time!! Drives me nuts! I hate that! Like the wedding ring was a dead give away or anything! *rolling eyes*

Anyway, the weekend has gone well and we are all in now and watching the movie Twilight. I, today, have saw fit to torture Frank with one of MY movies. He's tortured me enough so now it's his turn. :) So off I go. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hitch 'em UP, Head 'em Out....

Raaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww Hide! You can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head. Frank already does...HA! I'm such a lovely wife! No really I am! What you don't believe me? Hhhmmm...wonder why?

Well yesterday was kinda crazy and I really wanted to post this last night but I walked into the perfect storm when we got back from...drum roll please...Kindergarten Round-Up! Lee was the man of the hour and boy were we all excited! (I can honestly say I didn't cry with Lee, I thought I might. Thought about it, but no tears came! Yeah me!) I do have to laugh though, we were waiting in line to get the forms and all that extra not-so-fun stuff and the Principal was there. Frank and I were placing bets on whether he recognized us...well we both won. He knew us and he knew all about Lee. Suffice it to say, Ian had told his principal ALL about Lee and how excited he (Ian) was to have his little brother start coming to school. So the principal gives us the run down and we go to the next station. As we are there, the nice lady asks Lee a few questions and then asks his name and his last name, (we thought we were done with people recognizing us, last laugh is on us!). The nice lady turns out to be the school nurse...I get A LOT of phone calls starting out as "Mrs. Paulson?" "Yes?" "This is the school nurse......" And she too knew all about Lee and us coming to the Round-Up. At this point I was wondering WHO didn't know about us or WHO didn't know Ian. So after that station we go to the next one. They want to take pictures of the kids with their families and they will be using them for one thing or another. Honestly, I never saw the picture we took with Ian 2 years ago...whatever. So the gal taking the picture turns out to be the school counselor and sure enough she too knew Ian and all about Lee. Lee didn't have a shot in the dark to go unnoticed...He's now Ian's little brother. Thankfully, he has little brothers who will in turn be also known as Lee's little brother. Or thankfully not...time will tell.
So this is Lee on our way out to the Round-Up. To top of the event just for Lee, we got to ride in Dad's truck, where apparently there is a rule (which I'm whole heartily against and take offense too) where no girl music can be listened too while in the truck. When I use the truck (which is rarely, just so you know!) and I go with one of the boys, I'm CONSTANTLY reminded of this STUPID rule! To which I break and purposely find girl music and BLARE it, cause I'm just that way! Well off that soap box....and on to the next picture.This is us waiting in line to get the paperwork and meet the Principal...I think he was kinda nervous and was putting on a brave face. But all in all he did VERY well and was quite outgoing. Plus I think it helped he knew a few faces there.This is what we have been WAITING for the whole time! They get to ride the bus!! Such excitement! This is such a good picture of him too!This just shows how BEYOND excited he is! He is terribly excited about starting Kindergarten...just another step in the big boy area! He does look a bit maniacal doesn't he? Creepy kid!The bus leaving to take them around the block...And coming back...they were gone a lot longer than I remember with Ian. Come to find out they went a lot farther...more than just a block...the longest block I ever felt anyway.Getting off the bus. It always boggles my mind watching these little 5/6 year olds getting off and on the bus. The steps are so huge and they look so awkward trying to do this. Makes me chuckle from time to time.Can you tell how impressed Frank is that the driver asked that there be one parent per kid for the ride? This is why I'm such a good wife...I didn't go, didn't want to go :) And to top it off, we asked him to hang out with Lee's friend He was a good sport though! Secretly I think Frank missed riding the old Cheese wagon.So some tiny updates, my cousin as of 7 hours ago is doing better than before. And sadly that's all I know. I don't know if she's still at the hospital or at home? Or anything else, my lovely Aunt needs to give a little more info out and hopefully she will. Or I'll hear from my mother. On any account, she's doing better so I will take that.

Dru update: We have now gone 2 days with out having accidents...well he had one but I don't count that one. He was at a friends house and was upstairs and he couldn't get to the bathroom downstairs fast enough. He's still wearing a night time diaper as we call it, but I could care less about that. It's different, being as Ian and Lee never did...but on the flip side of that Dru's not 3 so I'm not worrying about that. I don't normally start potty training until their third birthday. For some reason Dru is insisting on bucking the system. All that to say, I think things have clicked with him in some mysterious way! We are almost down to one kid in diapers! Yippee!

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Lee for coming to watch the other boys so we could have an event just with Lee to make it extra special for him, something he didn't have to share with one of his brothers.

I feel like there is more that I'm forgetting to write about but for the life of me I can't remember...other than my one goal for tomorrow is to fold the 10 loads (could be an exaggeration...or not...see photos below) or so...

TOO many clothes!!! SO overwhelming!I REMEMBERED what else I wanted to say! Eli has been taking naps and starting out bedtime in his crib!!! I can't tell you how exhilarating it is to be in my bed w/o a kid! I just spread out in my bed, make Frank move WAY over cause I don't want to be touched! Eli doesn't stay there more than an hour but by golly it's one of the best hours around! Not too mention it's really rejuvenating to my mind, body, and soul to not be touched or have a little person on me...there are times I think I might just run away screaming if one more person touches me or needs this hour is needed!

Okay I need to get going, it's WAY later than I realized!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here We Go Again

So here we go again...Dru has started wanting to potty train...again! I know this is a good thing but he's doing things different than the others. Again not a bad thing just throwing me a curve ball, a wrench in things so to speak. And here I wonder why Ian is the way he is about change...he gets it from me. Sigh... So here we go again...and actually so far today he's done quite accidents and we've been able to bribe him with cookies and candy. So we'll see. I'm just tired of his antics that it's just time. Every time he goes outside he ends up taking his diaper off. To the point that he even took a dump in the backyard. Yes, you read that right...the backyard. What possessed him to do this I don't know, you guess is as good as mine. And what I don't get is he took the diaper off, then pulled his pants up and THEN took a dump????? How many people do you know that have to actually poop scoop in the back yard after their kid does this? I don't know many, actually I only know one person and that's Frank. And on a side note, Frank won't touch animal fat ( I have a bird feeder that is a Suet feeder) but the man will go poop scoop after his kid??? Apparently even Frank has his limits...Who Knew!!??!!
So I was browsing through my pictures and I came across these. This is before I had Dru get a hair cut. He had BEAUTIFUL hair! Long and soft...he looked like a girl at some angles. And he really had quite a bit cut off as you can see. Now he looks like a boy and every time he gets another cut he just looks older. That is the ONE thing I HATE about my boys getting their hair cuts, they always end up looking just a little bit older.

And this one STILL makes me roll!! I just have no words for it...he told us he had an owie on/in his nose. And in his mind this is how he 'fixed' it. Just so you's creepy that his eyes are a little bit open and don't close all the way.I wish I could find some pictures I have of Dru sitting on the potty going to the bathroom but I can't find them. Nor can I find the pictures I have of him wearing my wedding know I"ll find them after I post this. Just like I found the Papa Murphy's $5 off coupon's I have been trying to find for at least a month. I found of course we've bought Murphy's pizza since then...of course! Thank goodness those coupons don't expire :) Sad story of my life I tell you, constantly misplacing things or putting them into 'safe' places. And just so you know I HATE safe places...they are too safe!

I have a special prayer request, I have a cousin who is between 24-26 wks pregnant. She has been pregnant many times before but has not been able to carry them to term. She is now farther along now than she has ever been with any of her pregnancies. A few weeks ago, they noticed her cervix was VERY short, they think cause she had a horrendous cough and they think that was the reason her cervix was short,from coughing so hard. Well now apparently she's now IN the hospital and her cervix is way shorter than the doctors would like. They are giving her steroids for the baby in case she goes into labor. Of course we are all hoping that won't happen. They are having a girl and this, God willing,will be their first live baby. Please pray that they both do well and the baby stays put as long as she can. Thank you very much!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pretty Oh So Pretty!

Okay so I'm a little late with doing a decent post so here I am. I been out playing outside all day today, yesterday was just busy! I have a few pictures from when I went to the Tulip Fields with my friend. We had a good time and the weather was just perfect. Not too hot not too cold...juusssttt right! I like these tulips cause they have sharper edges as opposed to the rounder petals on your basic tulip. That and I like the color purple. This one was just different than the other tulips...

I liked this color I said pretty!
As you can tell not ALL the tulips were blooming but enough were so you could enjoy the color...vibrant color. I needed to see this...just boosted me to see color...

I think I might be impressing myself with this picture! Really cool! *patting self on back*A tulip looking like it's just taking a peek, like it's not sure it's safe to bloom or not.
Because Auntie Nikki asked her son to smell the tulips...Dru was not going to be left out so he too smelled the Tulips. He's a third born if you haven't noticed.
Not a good picture but I didn't exactly have free hands...I was slinging Eli on my hip and carrying like a bazillion other things...I'm sure I looked like a pathetic person. But a stroller would have been just ridiculouse there.
And for some reason they both needed to smell the Tulips.
Dru and Eli after all the bigger boys went to bed. They were so funny laying there together
And I still LOVE this outfit! All in all it was a good weekend. Ian, Lee, and Dru all got to go with Uncle Carmen to THE Pond and hunt for frogs and such things that boys hunt for. They had so much fun!

Today was good and frustrating all at the same time. I started to take the sod out of where my garden is going to go and got A row done and said ENOUGH! This is joke, there is no way I can do this. So I stopped and talked to Frank and we had decided we'd get a sod cutter. Then at some point Frank changed his mind about that and didn't tell me. Meaning I'd already taking that row of sod out and put it in the yard waste bin. So there I was, trying to get the sod back into the row. Like doing a puzzle (I'm not good at puzzles). So I'm sure that was a sight to behold. So here's my question or comment...How do you end up with an extra piece of sod? I think this is weird just so you know! I filled the row up with sod and had an extra piece?????? Anyway, the row is filled and Frank says he's going to build me some raised beds...

Monday, April 20, 2009


Eli is doing good! He had his check up to make sure his Pneumonia is gone or on it's way out. He's much better (which we knew) and sounds better. The only thing is he's still got fluid in his ears but we are hoping that will just go away soon. It may not. Dr. said if he saw me for anything it would be his ears. So we'll see. Obviously I hope we don't go back in, but things are never the way I'd like them. So now we are off to the Chiro appointment for me and I would LOVE a nap cause I'm tired. My boys are bothering me just so you all know! They would like to know why they can't fill a water bottle up AFTER it's been used for some kind of dirt thing. Okay off we go! Still enjoying the nice sunny weather!


As I'm sitting here thinking about my day I am realizing what a busy day I have in front of me. I've decided I'd like to go back to bed and just ignore it all. No such luck on my end though.....sigh. Today I have MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers), Eli's check up appointment for his pneumonia, I have a chiro appointment, then last of all we have Tai Kwon Do. And all the other little millions of things that go on in between all of that. WHEW! Like I said I just want to go to bed. I hope everyone has a good day today, the weather is going to be WONDERFUL!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Missing You...

Isn't that part of a song? Either way, I'm missing our former pets (mostly my cats). I think for our dog if it had been a different time in our lives it would have been better for the dog and us. But as it wasn't. This was our dog Abby. She was a Treeing Walker Coonhound and a basketful of energy. Too much for me. I had a brand spanking new baby and a new pup was too much!!! Potty training the dog, teaching Abby was a very sad day when we gave her away. I had no idea how hard it was until the day it happened. We gave her to the Animal Shelter in hopes that someone would adopt her. Actually we had to give away all our pets because the kids were allergic to the pets...especially Lee and Dru. And one of the other major reasons we gave up the pets was a bug problem...and for as little as fleas are we had a HUGE problem!! I bathed the animals (cats included!) at least once a week if not more. I don't DO bugs and least of all THOSE kinds of bugs...and we had a horrible infestation of them. It took several months and MANY weekends of bombing my house and carpet chemicals to finally get rid of them. DON'T DO BUGS! ICK!!

This was the day we brought Abby home...she was a cute dog!

Abby found security by Dru and under the walker. I'm not sure Dru really fully appreciated it but went along with it anyway. Love Dru's face though, something else.This is Frank's baby...isn't that cute? Like once it was cute and then it was old when she kept trying to get on my brand new couches with those nails of hers! But she was a baby...I'll give you that much. Frank misses his dog, a lot...someday we'll have a dog...outside dog though...Ian and Abby...she was NOT suppose to be on the couches at all and as you can tell from Ian's face...he got her up there with her 'asking' though. Those two were trouble. Later on Abby got big and Ian wasn't so about having a dog...she played a little rough...rougher than what even my boys were used too.The look on her face was ' I DARE you' to take me off this chair again! She was ALL about comfort and she liked the rocking chair...I however didn't like her on the furniture. Can't you see what a dog person I am? Which is funny cause I grew up with two dogs and LOVED them dearly. I think though, that except for my responsibility of an hour a day for exercise...that's ALL I had to do. So I got to have the fun part of a dog as a kid. Being on the other end of it, isn't all glitz and glamour.This is Gus-Gus, my beloved orange kitty! Can you guess where the name comes from? This cat had personality!He was always where Dru was and away from the older boys. They were ALWAYS touching and wouldn't leave them along. And Gus-Gus, well his favorite spot was on top of Dru while he was nursing. Dru didn't mind though and this picture is of where Gus fell asleep and Dru was asleep.A great meeting of the minds here! Dru is giving him the low down on what the heck goes on around here. These guys were pretty close in age I think...a month older or younger...we can't remember. OK according to Frank they are older than Dru.Gus-Gus was POINTEDLY telling me something! Like I said, personality!This is Socks...she was a sweet girl. We named her Socks cause her paws looked like she was wearing white socks. She HATED it when Dru cried for any length of time she'd swat at his head with her claws out to get him to stop, which of course just made him cry harder and louder. In turn she got smacked a few times herself for doing that. I know she was trying to 'help' in her own way, bbbuuuttttt.... Socks did like Dru she just liked him better when he was quiet and not crying. Here she is giving him kisses. When she let you she loved being loved on.

All this to say I miss my pets and I hope someday we'll be able to have pets again...even cats...someday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Tease

So today was a day filled with many accomplishments and exciting things. Today ended up being a lovely day. Dru and Lee played outside for a long time and when Ian came home he played outside also. Many Dandelions were picked in my honor...I'm blushing! All for me!?!

Today I finished my first book since the last book I finished...obviously! The last book I read was a book by Stephanie Meyer ( I really have no idea if I've spelled her name right or not) and it was/is the last book in her Twilight series (see what a fan I am, I don't even remember the name of the book). Anyway, I finished that book I believe last summer towards the end of it, the end of summer I mean. So the book I finished today is called Multiple Blessings. It's about the Gosselin family and it was a very good book! The woman has OCD bad (that's not what the book is about by the way, it's about her septuplets), but not with out reason...with that many kids I think you have to...and lets be honest I think we all have a little OCD in us. Right!?! I mean I won't buy a bunch of bananas unless it has an even amount of banana's on there...I don't know why but I won't...I have to buy an even number of them. Anyway, I'm pretty excited I finished a book. I'm reading Marley and Me and that book as me ROLLING! We had a dog like Marley, her name was Banjo. So it reminds me of her.

On a side note...boys are gross! Dru was outside and took it upon himself to take his diaper off and THEN pooped in his pants! WTH (what the heck??) What possesses that kid I don't know but good gravy! I either need to bite the bullet and make him potty train or...or...or...I don't know! *shaking head in exasperation* Again boys are gross! And yes I'm aware I am SURROUNDED by them with no hopes of ever getting away from them. Such is my cross to bear. And Dru bless his little heart....sigh...the kid doesn't know he's little or two. He can tell you he's two but I don't think it's clicked with him what exactly a two year old does. Two year old's don't pour their own milk from the jug into their own cup. Well they can, they shouldn't, but can but not with out spilling a majority of it ALL over the dining room chair and floor! THANK you Dru! OH I was so mad at that kid! And all he can say is sorry mom while he's in tears cause I've spanked his butt. I hate days where I feel like I'm the mean one.

Today is my friend Nikki and her husband's anniversary, 26 years they have been together! Whew! So Happy Anniversary guys! I love you! And what an inspiration you guys and everyone else who's been married for a long time, are too...well Frank and I. Nine years this year and 11 years just being together...
And because I really am a cheap thrill, I get to go to her house for a night (I love my sleepovers at her house, 'cept I haven't figured out why she never comes to my house for a sleep over...hhhmmm ). Saturday we are going to see the Tulip Fields, which I love! What beauty and oh the COLOR!! And on top of all that, the weather is suppose to be nice! Which works cause if it wasn't nice, meaning warmer than 50' I wouldn't take Eli out in it. Cold and damp weather I don't think is very conducive to a child with Pneumonia. But since, well the weather people say anyway, that it's suppose to be well about 50' I think it will be good for all of us to get out and shed whatever cooties we have hanging on us and get some fresh air.

I wanted to update you guys on Eli and how he is doing. He's getting better and better every day. He's laughing more, talking more, and just all around better. Here are some photos of him 4 days later. I love this kids smile! I just want to pinch those cheeks when I see him smile...okay I do pinch his cheeks! But don't you think he looks SO much better than he did on Monday? And guess what? He's EXCITED he gets to see his Auntie Nikki! Someone else to hold him and rock him (give my arms a break!)
Last thing, I changed my profile template or whatever cause I heard it was hard to read and I don't want my blog to be hard to I hope this will make it better....Frank I'm talking to you!!!